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They Don’t Write ‘Em Like That Anymore: The Ten Best Episodes Of Frasier (Part 2)

Continuing onward with our countdown…#s 5 to 1:

5.  Author! Author! (Season 1, Episode 22)

The Premise:  Niles has a book deal with a demanding publisher and decides, spur of the moment, that bringing Frasier in on the action might help him get through a bout of writers block.  They decide to write a text on the history of sibling relationships, using Frasier’s radio show as a source for stories of great and awful brother-sister interaction, alike.  While Frasier resists at first, he’s tempted by the fruit of additional fame.

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They Don’t Write ‘Em Like That Anymore: The Ten Best Episodes Of Frasier (Part 1)

“Frasier,” is probably one of the best three or four sitcoms to ever grace the small screen.  The premise, that of two nitpicky, sophisticated, unathletic psychiatrist brothers and their interactions with their beer-swilling retired cop father, a sex-crazed producer and a flighty British health-care worker, sounds like it could go either way.  It might be just a bit too quirky and self-conscious, right?

That isn’t the case at all.  “Frasier” is a remarkable comedy show that aired between 1993 and 2004, at about the same time when “Seinfeld” was considered the gold-standard for half-hour prime-time sitcoms.  While I adore “Seinfeld,” my favorite show of that era will always be “Frasier.” Being ten years old, I remember watching “Frasier” with my parents and watching half of the jokes whiz clear over my head.  Now, almost fifteen years after I watched my first episode of “Frasier,” I love being able to give it a glance and actually get almost 80% of the jokes.  Honestly, I’ve actually expanded my vocabulary by listening to Niles’ and Frasier’s banter.

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